Recurring Invoices

Process of Recurring Invoice

To create Recurring Invoice, we need to set the interval of time to recur automatically to the customer through Invoice Cron job Settings.

Go to Global Settings–>Master Settings–>Invoice Cron job Settings–> Settings.

12/24 hours format is used to automate the operations at these intervals. This can be customized again, as when to recur (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) and how many cycles to take place. The invoice will be recurred at a specific time of the day, based on the hour you have mentioned in this field.

It will be recurred automatically by giving a value to send Auto send reminder / Auto re-send reminder to the Customer through an Email by using a Invoice cron job ( in Master Settings ).

Creation of New invoice is of three types,

  • Generate and auto-send the renewed invoice to the customer: This creates a new child invoice automatically and is sent to the customer through mail.
  • Generate an unpaid invoice: Here the child invoice is generated and displayed to the customer but email will not be sent.
  • Generate a draft invoice: New child invoice is generated but will neither be displayed to customer nor mail will not be sent.

How it will be Calculated:

The date when the invoice needs to be re-created(renewed/recurred) is calculated from the invoice date which is given manually during the creation of the Invoice.

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