Recurring Invoices

Recurring Invoice Summary

Recurring Invoice page consists of two features,

1. Summary

2. Filter

These provide a general overview of the Recurring Invoice status for a business.

1.Recurring Invoice summary:

Recurring Invoice summary is of two types,

1.1 Progress

1.2 Circle

The above types provides the information below:

Total Recurring Invoices Amount: Total amount of Recurring Invoices.

Paid: Paid amount of Recurring Invoices.

Unpaid: Unpaid amount of Recurring Invoices.

Overdue: Overdue amount of Recurring Invoices.

By clicking on Paid Recurring Invoices, all the paid Recurring invoices are filtered. Similarly for remaining Unpaid, Overdue Recurring invoices respectively.

       1.1 Progress type summary:

This summary gives the data in figures ( currency ) and Recurring Invoices count.

These can again be filtered based on currency ( like USD, INR, Dinar etc). This allows fetching of all the Recurring invoices either paid or unpaid with that particular currency.

       1.2 Circle type summary:

This summary gives the data in percentage ( Recurring Invoices ) and amount of all the Recurring Invoices.

2. Recurring Invoice Filter:

Recurring Invoice filter allows us to filter these by entering the required type in the fields.

These fields are,

2.1 Date: These are the options available in the date filter.

2.1.2 Today,

2.1.3 Yesterday

2.1.4 Last 7 days

2.1.5 Last 30 days

2.1.6 This Month

2.1.7 Last Month

2.1.8 This Year

2.1.9 Last Year

2.1.10 All time

2.1.11 Custom Range – Specific dates can be given.

2.2 Type: These are of 3 types.

2.2.1 Created date

2.2.2 Recurring Invoice date

2.2.3 Recurring Invoice due date

2.3 Payment Status: This shows the Recurring invoices of the below status types.

2.3.1 All

2.3.2 Paid

2.3.3 Unpaid

2.3.4 Overdue

2.3.5 Cancelled

2.3.6 Partial Payment

2.4 Currency: Filters based on Currency.

2.4.1 USD

2.4.2 INR

2.5 Customer: Allows to filter based on Customer name.

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