Recurring Invoices

View Recurring Invoice

On the Recurring invoices list page you’ll see a table with the columns below:

Invoice #: The number of the recurring invoice.

Client/Customer Name: The name of the client.

Currency: Recurring Invoice currency.

Title: The name of the recurring invoice.

Invoice Status: Status of recurring invoices whether it is sent/draft or not.

Invoice date: Date of the recurring invoice created.

Due Date: The date the payment is due.

Recurring Period: The period of invoice will be recurred.

Amount: The total amount of the recurring invoice.

Payment Status: The current status of the recurring invoice (Paid, UnPaid, Partial, Overdue)

After adding the Recurring Invoice, Click on View for to redirect the Recurring Invoice to View page.

Recurring Invoice View:

Recurring Invoice number is taken automatically/manually by generating from Global Settings–>Master Settings–>Invoice Settings.


Here we can view the Recurring Invoice Number, Payment status, Customer address, Recurring Invoice details, Payment method, Authorised signature.

By selecting Recurring Period, we can view the Total Recurring period in the Invoice.

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