Global Settings

Dynamic Options

These are reflected in Invoices, Quotes, Proposals, Contracts and Project Tasks modules ( on MORE field in action buttons ) to know the status of them. These are of two types.

  • Priorities
  • Task Status

Add a new category by filling the required fields.

Title: Enter the name of the dynamic option.

Module: Select the module in which the option is related to it.

Type: Select the type in which the option is related to the particular selected option.

Color: Select the color to reflect on the title name with module and priority selected fields.

Description: Brief description of the option.

By clicking on View, we will find the Dynamic option’s related details.

Example: Creating with High Priority and selecting the Module Invoice.

Dynamic Options List page:

The List page shows with Title and Module name.

Title: Status name.

Module: Module with a type.

These can manage to View/Edit the option by clicking on the Action buttons.

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