Global Settings

Cron job settings

Users that set up and maintain software environments use cron to schedule jobs to run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals. Some examples of crons include syncing the time and date via the Internet every ten minutes, sending an e-mail notice once a week.

This feature is provided by Laraoffice.  You can create cron job settings in master settings by following the path Global settings -> Master settings -> Add new.

Setup cPanel Cron Job:

Login to your cPanel and navigate to Cron jobs

Add the following settings :

Plesk Cron Job

Refer to cPanel cron job examples to get your cron URL.

For Plesk use one of the following configurations:

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Contract Settings

Go through Master settings -> Contract Settings, then you will know the all the details about Contract Settings.

We discuss here remaining fields that exists in Contract  settings,

Company name on Contract : Name of your company which is displayed on your contract page.

Company address : Address of your company

Authorized person : Your company Authorized person name.

Authorized person Designation : Designation of your Authorized person.

Authorized person signature :  Authorized person signature.

Contract Logo :  Invoice logo which is displayed on contract page.

Show Sale Agent name on Contract or not: Customer bought the product from Sale Agent.

Predefined Client & Admin notes, Terms & Conditions: These will show at the contract creation page default.

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SEO Settings

SEO settings of LaraOffice allow search engines in triggering this software as the highest prioritized( outranked) option for their search query. The below fields related to Seo settings will perform on Keywords, Google Analytics.

Meta description : This data field describes the complete overview of the LaraOffice.

Meta keywords : The entity of keywords that helps to outrank the LaraOffice inthe search engines.

Google Analytics : A tool that keeps track of all the searches related to this LaraOffice system.


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Site Settings

The whole system is controlled by this Site settings only. The main key functionalities will be operated from these settings excluding Sales, Accounting sections, etc.

Site Settings consists of following fields such as:

Add new type: Add new type of symbol/button.

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Email Settings

These settings are used to send the Email to Users by giving respective Email details to perform the perfect action.

Mail Host: A mail host resolves email addresses that provide your network with a remote connection.

Mail Port: Email servers across the Internet use protocols for sending and retrieving emails service which listens to a specific port to deliver services.

Mail Driver: The program which interacts with a particular email by a server.

By default, mail trap details are used to email settings. In the above Mail Driver, you can use mail trap, SMTP, Sendmail, etc.

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