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Currency exchange

Currency Exchange :

Application has integrated API. It offers a real-time currency conversion for your invoices. Accurate Exchange Rates for 168 World Currencies with data updates ranging from every 60 minutes down to stunning 60 seconds. Please visit to get API key. Note : If you don’t want to create a currency layer account you can enter the currency rates manually.

Create New currency:

You can create new currency by using following path Global settings -> Currencies ->Add new.

Name : You can give the name of the currency.

Symbol : Set the symbol of your currency.

Code : And also you can set simple code to your currency.

Rate : Add the rate of the currency.

Status : Set you currency status whether it is in active or inactive state.

Is default : If you want to set your currency as default one you fix it as yes else no.

Update currency exchange rates online : For this update currency you need an account in and also need API key from an currency layer else it won’t get update the currency.

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