Task Management


To Add new task go to Task Management--> Task and click on the button Add new Task.

Name: Enter the Task name.

Status: Select the Task status.

Assigned To: After you add a member as assigned to the task, this particular member will get notification email and built-in that is assigned to this specific task.

Tags: Select the Tag which the task is related to the particular selected tag.

Attachment: It is the Task description in the format of image/gif.

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Statuswise Tasks

Go to Task Management–> Click on Status wise–> Add New

We can find all the status individually with providing the Tasks which are related to a particular status.

Here there is user-friendly option to Drag and Drop the Task to the respective status we need.

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To know all the Tasks in single page of all the respective dates by going through Task Management–>Click on Task Calendar.

If you want to change the Task dates, then you an easily drag and drop the task. By clicking respective task you will know the task details and you can edit from here itself only.


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