Contact Management

Contact Document

  • To add new CONTACT DOCUMENT go to contact management–>contact document and click on add new button.
  • we can view & edit and delete options also .
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Contact Types

  • To add new CONTACT TYPE go to contact  management–>contact type and click on add new button.
  • We can click on all and it will display all contact type.
  • We can view &edit and delete options also.
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Contact Groups

  • To add new CONTACT GROUPS  go to contact management–> contact group and click on button add new.
  • We can Trash the contact groups.
  • We have edit & view and delete  contact group option also.
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  •  To Add New COUNTRIES go to Companies –>Countries and click on add new .
  • We can Trash the companies .
  • We have view &edit and delete the countries options also.
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  • To Add new Company go to Contact Management--> Companies and click on the button Add new
  • To  import No.Of Companies –>using CSV import option .
  • We have view & edit and delete Company options –>To change the Company details and see all the details.
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