Cart Orders

Add Orders

To Add new order go to Cart Orders –> List Orders and click on the button Add new order.

Alternatively, Click On Cart Orders –>Place New Order.

The Order Creation page contains the following attributes:

Customer: The name of the Customer which is selected from the drop-down list.

Order Status: The Status of invoice whether it is Pending/Active or not. If it is pending, we can make the payment for the order.

Billing Cycle: Like an EMI (Is it weekly, monthly, etc.)

Recurring Value: The Value of Recurring period for the payment.


Consider the recurring period is weekly, then the value is taken 2, it shows the total recurring period is 2 weeks.

Recurring Type: It is based on the Recurring Period of time which is selected automatically by selecting the Recurring Period.

Total Cycles: It shows how many times the order will be recurred to the particular customer from giving on respective dates.

Example :

The order due date is 02/03/2019, Recurring Period is Weekly, Value is 2, Total Cycles is 2.Thus, it will have Recurred on 09/03/2019 and 16/03/2019.

  • Item/Product: This is the name of the item you are billing for. You can either enter the details manually or start typing and pick the items.
  • Quantity: The number of units being charged.
  • Unit Price: The amount you charge per unit of items.
  • Tax Rate: To apply tax to the item, click on the Tax field and select the relevant tax from the drop-down list.
  • Discount: This is the discount percentage/value you need to apply for the particular item.
  • Description: Add more information about the item. This will help the customer better understand the job completed and is also useful for your own reference

Generate Invoice: For all orders, LaraOffice can provide an invoice that will be created at the Invoice module by selecting YES/NO.

Send Email/SMS: The communication gateways to send Email/SMS to Customer.

Add Payment to Incomes: It enables the Order amount should be added to the Incomes module by selecting YES/NO.

The ‘+‘ icon symbol beside some fields allows you to directly add the particular’s through a Pop-up menu to their respective add directly from here to those respective modules.

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Orders Summary

Cart orders page consists of two features,

1. Summary

2. Filter

These provide a general overview of the Cart orders status for business.

1.Cart Orders summary:

The cart orders summary is of two types,

1.1 Progress

1.2 Circle

The above types provide the information below:

Total orders Amount: Total amount of Cart orders.

Active Orders: The Paid amount of orders.

Pending Orders: Unpaid amount of orders.

Cancelled Orders: The cancelled orders in Cart.

By clicking on Active orders, all the active orders are filtered. Similarly for remaining pending, cancelled orders respectively.

       1.1 Progress type summary:

These can again be filtered based on currency ( like USD, INR, Dinar etc). This allows fetching of all the orders either Active or pending with that particular currency.

 1.2 Circle type summary:

This summary gives the data in percentage ( Cart order ) and amount of all the orders.

2. Cart Orders Filter:

Orders filter allows us to filter the Cart orders by entering the required type in the fields.

These fields are,

2.1 Customer: Allows to filter based on the Customer name.

2.2 Order Status: This shows the orders of the below status types.

2.2.1 All

2.2.2 Pending

2.2.3 Active

2.2.4 Cancelled

2.2.5 Return

2.3 Currency: Filters based on Currency.

2.3.1 USD

2.3.2 INR

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