Global Settings

Purchase Order Settings

Purchase Order Settings:

From here we can manage the Purchase order module by providing various fields details which they will reflect on those module in front end.

Company name: Company name on Purchased Order.

Address: Company address.

Authorised person: Person name.

Person Designation: Person Designation.

Signature: Person signature.

System Logo: LaraOffice Logo.

Enable Signature: To show signature in Purchase Order or not.

PO number prefix: Purchase Order prefix.

PO start: Purchase Order starting number.

Show Quantity as: Quantity field shows in Purchase Order.

PO number format: Purchase Order format.

PO number separator: Purchase Order number separator with symbol.

PO number length: Max.Length of Purchase Order number.

Predefined Notes: This will shows at creation page of Purchase Order.

These settings are same for Invoice, Quotes, Credit Notes settings are same as above mentioned fields but replaces Purchase Order name into those respective module names.

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