Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Actions

These are actions that can be performed on the particular purchase order to make changes/view as per the requirements.

(i) Edit

(ii) Make Payment

(iii) Email

(iv) SMS

(v) Mark As

(vi) Preview

(vii) Clone

(viii) Upload

(ix) PDF

(x) Print

Edit button allows to edit the content of the Purchase Order.

Make Payment button allows to make the payment for the product.

Sending of EMAIL/SMS related to purchase order can be done by clicking on the Email/SMS buttons. Which sends the status of purchase order through Email/SMS.

Mark As button allows to change the payment status of the Purchase Order.

By clicking on Clone, we can create the duplicate of the Purchase Order.

By clicking on Uploads, we can add the attachments to it by uploading only required files. Otherwise, it won’t accept.

Through PDF/Print buttons, we can download  and Print the Purchase Order.

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