Product Management


Warehouse is place where  products are stored.

Go to Product Management–>Warehouses–> Add New.

Create a New Warehouse in this page where the fields to be filled are:

Name: Warehouse name

Address: Location of the Warehouse.

Description: Brief information about the warehouse.

View button allows to see all the products and purchase orders details related to that warehouse.

Products related to Warehouse with details.

Purchase Orders related to warehouse with details.

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Measurements Units

Every product has a different measuring units. All these units are defined in this page.

Product Management–> Measurements Units–> Add New.

Add a new measuring unit by filling the required fields.

Title: Name of the measurement unit.

Status: Enable/Disable the measuring unit.

Description: Brief description of the measuring unit.

View button allows to see all the measuring units.

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Products Transfer

Exchanging of products or stock within the warehouses is called Product transfer.

Go to Product Management–> Products Transfer–>Add New.

This feature keeps track of the stock/products that are transferred from one warehouse to another. Transferring of products among the warehouses occurs when a particular warehouse has ran out of stock. The fields on this page are

(i) From Warehouse: All the Existing warehouses are reflected in this field.

(ii) Products: All the existing warehouses are reflected here.

(iii) To Warehouse: All the Existing warehouses excluding the selected in ‘from warehouse field’ are displayed here.

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To Create Products, initially we need to add the Brands.

Go to Product Management–> Brands–> Add New

Create a New Warehouse in this page where the fields to be filled are:

Title: Name of the Brand.

Icon: Thumbnail of Brand.

Status: If the status is in active then the brand will be displayed in the products creation page.

View button allows to see all the products details related to that brand.

Products related to Brand with details.

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In order to create new Products initially, we need  Categories.

To add new category go to  Product Management–> Categories–> Add New

Add a new category by filling the required fields.

Category name: The name of the category which the products belong to.

Description: A brief description of the category.

Photo: Thumbnail of category.

All the created categories will be displayed in this Categories list page.

View button allows to see all the product details related to that category.

Products related to category with details.

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