Users & Roles



Every contact type is assigned a Role. The following roles are,

                     1. Administrator                                         2. Executives

                     3. Suppliers                                                  4. Business Manager

                     5. Clients                                                        6. Employees.

                     7. Sales Manager                                        8. Sales agent 

                     9. Project Manager                                   10.Stock Manager 


You can manage the Modules to the User Roles by selecting particular modules they need for that respective Role.

These modules are reflecting from the Permissions  given in Permissions Module.

These permissions allow the user whether to access the module or not. These permissions can also be deleted if not required.

Contact Permissions:

In Laraoffice CRM, you can configure permissions for each Role to meet your requirements. The customers area offers various features but if you are not using a specific feature, you can remove the contact permission for this feature and the feature won’t be visible in customers area.

Example: If the contact doesn’t have permission for Create Invoices, it won’t be able to create invoices when this contact is logged in.

We can manage all the permissions at anytime based on your requirements you need.


These will reflect while Creating/Editing the User for assigning different departments to the Users.


Login access to a User can be managed by Activating/Suspending the User in Users module. This feature is applicable to all the users in Users module.

And also we can track the User’s Status.

User view :

Admin can have track of the particular User’s actions.

Click on View, then you will monitor all the actions that the User has done in your system.

User Actions:

This feature shows complete Users log of all the activities such as Surfing or doing any action on this system.

User Edit:

Admin can manage the site colors and themes of particular user.

The Color Theme and Color Skin fields selected in the above image will reflect in the User’s panel as shown in below figure.

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