Global Settings

Payment Gateways Settings

There are three types of Payment Gateway settings that exist in this LaraOffice,

  • PayU
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

These are used to manage the transactions between all the Users who are involved in payment-related fields. By giving respective Keys, Tokens, Authentication ID’s etc we can make the transactions.

For PayU Settings:

In order to manage the PayU account, add the account details in this PayU settings.

Salt: Simply your account id.

Is test mode: If yes, better to use duplicate PayU account details.

Working key: You can add your key here.

Merchant key: You can add your merchant key.

PayU provider: In this PayU settings, there are two types of providers:



Popup title: The alert title that is displayed when a payment is done can be modified in this field.

For Paypal Settings:

Email: Set your email.

Image: Set your image that is to be displayed for your Paypal account.

Currency: You can set your currency.

Account type: set your account type.

For Stripe Settings:

Like PayU and Paypal account you can set your Stripe account details in Strip settings.

All the above payment gateways will be reflected in all the payment fields in LaraOffice system.

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