Overview of Invoices/Recurring invoices/Quotes

Invoices allow you to bill a Client for your products and helps you keep track of your Sales income through LaraOffice The Ultimate CRM. Invoices can be created and sent to customers easily within seconds. Invoices can be sent at any time by saving them in a draft to the clients via email and can beĀ  printed as a PDF hard copy.


A Invoice in LaraOffice system passes through number of stages:

Draft: Invoices can be stored in draft that are yet to be sent until the status is changed to published.

Published: When the Invoices are sent to customer but payment is yet to be paid.

Paid: When the Invoice payment is done by Customer completely.

UnPaid: When the Invoice payment is not yet done by Customer.

Partial: When the Invoice payment is done by Customer partially.

Overdue: When the invoice payment has crossed its due date.

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