Cart Orders

View Orders

Go to Cart Orders–>Click on View Order, then it shows the order details.

The following are the attributes of the cart order:

ID: The unique number which referred to cart order.

Date: The Date of the order on which it was booked.

Customer: The name of the Customer.

Price: The total amount of the order.

Billing Cycle: The payment cycle which is instant or recursive or likely to EMI

  • Item/Product: The product name can be either manually typed or picked from the listed options.
  • Quantity: The number of units being charged.
  • Rate: The amount you charge per unit of the items/products.
  • Tax Rate: It can be applied to the item/product by selecting the relevant tax from the drop-down list.
  • Discount: It can be applied to any particular item either as a percentage or a fixed value.

Here, The LaraOffice featured to monitor the complete order details and observe that amount details whether it is paid or unpaid through the payment gateways category.

If it is paid, then it shows the Status to be marked as Success.

Otherwise, it shows to Make Payment.

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Orders Summary

Cart orders page consists of two features,

1. Summary

2. Filter

These provide a general overview of the Cart orders status for business.

1.Cart Orders summary:

The cart orders summary is of two types,

1.1 Progress

1.2 Circle

The above types provide the information below:

Total orders Amount: Total amount of Cart orders.

Active Orders: The Paid amount of orders.

Pending Orders: Unpaid amount of orders.

Cancelled Orders: The cancelled orders in Cart.

By clicking on Active orders, all the active orders are filtered. Similarly for remaining pending, cancelled orders respectively.

       1.1 Progress type summary:

These can again be filtered based on currency ( like USD, INR, Dinar etc). This allows fetching of all the orders either Active or pending with that particular currency.

 1.2 Circle type summary:

This summary gives the data in percentage ( Cart order ) and amount of all the orders.

2. Cart Orders Filter:

Orders filter allows us to filter the Cart orders by entering the required type in the fields.

These fields are,

2.1 Customer: Allows to filter based on the Customer name.

2.2 Order Status: This shows the orders of the below status types.

2.2.1 All

2.2.2 Pending

2.2.3 Active

2.2.4 Cancelled

2.2.5 Return

2.3 Currency: Filters based on Currency.

2.3.1 USD

2.3.2 INR

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