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A Lead is someone who has shown interest in the company’s product may eventually become a client but it possesses very little information about that person. In the LaraOffice, Leads are people who are in the first stage of the sales process. If they clear the first stage, they become Proposal and move on to the second stage of the process Quotation. Basically, The leads generation in LaraOffice helps to :

  • Track and sort lead details 
  • Manage lead sources
  • Maintains a constant follow-ups of the leads
  • Assigning the task of tracking lead activities to salespeople.
  • Monitoring the status of lead’s interest by communicating with them.

In other words, Leads are partial customers who play a vital role in any business. Leads are gathered through many means of communication mostly telephonic call.

Gathering leads also includes collecting of few necessary details such as name, address, phone number and email. All these collected details are imported into the system through the leads module. The view page of leads is as follows:

The following actions can be performed in leads view page:

1. Add new: It allows to add the new lead that was gathered through communication gateway.

These above fields help in creating a new lead.

The ‘+‘ icon symbol beside some fields allows you to directly add the particular’s through a Pop-up menu to their respective add directly from here to those respective modules.

2.CSV Import: This option helps in uploading bulk leads at a time through “.csv” files.

3.List: The list allows to perform these particular actions on respective leads

  • View: Display all the lead details on one page.
  • Edit: Helps in editing the lead details.
  • Send email: Allows you to send emails to that particular lead by the use of email templates.
  • Delete: Remove the lead from the list.


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