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In Lara Office Employee is a person who manages the work projects ,tasks .

These are  modules of the employee is : Projects


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Project Manager

A project manager identifies the project’s goals, objectives, and scope and creates a project plan that outlines the tasks, timelines, and resources required. They communicate with the project team and stakeholders, manage risks and issues, and monitor progress to ensure that the project stays on track.

  •       Projects
  •       Task Management

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A customer is an individual or business that purchases another company’s products customers are important because they drive revenues. Without Customer, businesses have nothing to offer. To understand how to meet the needs of the customers, the businesses closely monitor their customer relationships to identify ways to improve service and products. The way businesses treat their customers can give them a competitive edge.

A customer has only access to view all the sales present in the system

In order to learn more about the working in all the view pages of sales go through the links below .





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Sale Agent

LaraOffice provides a platform for Sales Agents who are self-employed salespersons whose works are usually alone or work for perhaps several non competing companies. They obtain orders from companies and are paid commission on those orders. The Sales Agents usually work in a specific area of industry and within geographical limits. In LaraOffice a sales agent can send quick notifications and have access to invoices, recurring invoices, and Quotes.

These are the modules a sale agent can have access to:

Click on the above links to know more about the working and features of these modules.

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 An executive is a powerful person who is responsible for making things run in a planned manner. In LaraOffice the executive is the organ exercising authority in and holding responsibility for managing the working of the organization. He has the authority and responsibility to execute and enforce laws regarding the organization.

The main difference between Admin and Executive in LaraOffice is that the executive cannot have a multi delete option. The executive has authority over all the modules that are given to admin.

To have more details about the working of the modules go through the link.


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