The best knowledge software anticipates your user’s most common problems and makes it quick and easy for them to find the solution they need. That’s why a knowledge base is also useful for customer service agents. While working on a user’s ticket, an agent can interact with your intuitive knowledge base content to learn more about their problem.


Go to Knowledgebase –>  Support, tickets can be classified into two types,

    1. Open

    2. Closed

Tickets are the means through which your end-users (customers) communicate with agents in your support system. The Laraoffice support system allows you to present a web portal to your customers to create, track, and respond to support requests. Regardless of the type of customer support you provide, the one constant for all support organizations is that customers seek you out to help them resolve their issues.

Based on Settings, the open tickets are Auto-closed by giving certain duration.

Create Ticket:

To create a ticket, click on Create New Ticket button. You will be redirected to the create ticket page where you can enter ticket information in the respective fields.

  • Subject: Ticket subject e.g Billing Issue.
  • Category: The category of the ticket it is associated with.
  • Priority: Ticket priority (low, medium, high).
  • Description: Ticket description/message.

Then click on Submit.

Based on the category, the agent who has less number of tickets, the newly raised ticket will be allocated to that particular agent. We can observe here who raised the ticket in the field Owner.

For every ticket, we have a comments section to discuss the ticket between agent and client.

We need to create Statuses, Priorities, Categories in the Settings tab. Then they will appear while creating tickets.

By clicking on Support–>Settings–>Agents. We can create a new agent and add them to the respective categories.

And also we can create an Administrator for the responsibility of tickets.

Based on these configuration settings, the tickets will be managed.

Change Ticket Status:

To change the status of a ticket including closing a ticket, open a ticket and click on the Edit button and select your preferred status from the drop-down list.


By clicking on the Dashboard in the Support module, we can know the status of the total tickets on a single page.