Invoice Actions

These are actions that can be performed on the particular Invoice to make changes/view as per the requirements.

(i) Edit

(ii) Make Payment

(iii) Email

(iv) SMS

(v) Mark As

(vi) More

(vii) Preview

(viii) Clone

(ix) Upload

(x) PDF

(xi) Print

(i) Edit button allows to edit the content of the Invoice.

(ii)Make Payment button allows to make the payments for the Invoice.

(iii) & (iv) Sending of EMAIL/SMS related to Invoice can be done by clicking on the Email/SMS buttons, which sends the status of Invoice through Email/SMS.

A preview of an Email to be sent is displayed as a pop-up which can be edited as per the admin before the action is confirmed.

To customize the email template, go to Global Settings –> Email Templates, select a respective template to be edited and modify the information as per the requirement.

(v) Mark As:

Status of a payment such as,

  • Paid
  • Unpaid
  • Partially Paid
  • Cancelled

can be managed manually in this field as per the admin.

(vi) More: We can create New Task, Reminder and Notes about the respective invoice to follow them until the payment has done from Customer.

  • Task: The process of assigning tasks to a recurring invoice which are integrated between product and customer.
  • Reminder: It helps admin to keep track of customer’s payments, Interests, and Purchases to remind the customer by Employee about the due payments, new arrivals, etc.
  • Notes: Notes related to particular Invoice.

(vii) Preview: Basic view of Invoice before confirming the action.

(viii) Clone: To create a duplicate for the invoice.

(ix) Uploads: Files of specified formats can be attached to the invoice if required.

(x) & (xi) PDF/Print: Admin can  View/Download/Print the Invoice.

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