The Contract provides an agreement service to make the process of creating a new project to be assigned. It generates Agreements, Quotes and other documents that ensure accuracy and compliance with an intuitive guided creation flow, Avoid mistakes by using pre-approved templates, easily edit and change terms.


On the Contracts list page, the tabular representation with columns below:

Contract no #: The number of the contract.

Client/Customer Name: The name of the client.

Amount: The total amount of the contract.

Contract Status: The current status of the contract(Delivered, Accepted, Rejected, On-hold, Lost, Dead)

Title: The name of the contract.

Contract Publish Status: Status of contractwhether it is sent/draft or not.

Contract date: Date of the contract created.

Due Date: The date the payment is due.

Click on View, for to redirect the contract list to View page.

Contract Summary:

In the contracts page, we can find the contracts Filter and Summary for to know the complete details of all the existing contracts .

The dashboard provides the information below:

Total Contracts: Total number of contract .

Accepted: Number of contracts Accepted.

Delivered: Number of contracts Delivered.

Rejected: Number of contracts Rejected.

By clicking on Accepted Proposal, it filtered and shows only Accepted contract. And also same for remaining Delivered, Rejected proposal respectively.

This will show contracts status.

For here also we have two types of Summaries like Progress and Circle. We can Filter the Proposal by searching with manual entry.

Contract View:

Here we can view the contract Number, contract status, Customer address, contract details, Authorised signature.

Add New Contract:

To Add new contract go to Sales -> Contract and click on the button Add new contract.

The contract Creation page is shows as follows:

Customer: Click on the Customer field. Select the relevant Customer from the Customer list.

Currency: Contract currency. If you select customer’s default currency, the selected customer’s currency will be used. Otherwise, we can change the currency as we need.

Contract Status: Status of contract whether it is sent/draft or not.

Address and Delivery Address: Contract should be delivered to which address.

Title: Contract Title. Eg: Silver steels.

Contract Prefix/Quantity: These will show default from Contract Settings.

Contract No: Auto assigned contract number.

Reference: Reference number of contract .

For some fields, we have + icon symbol for to add directly from here to those respective modules.

The Client and Admin Notes, Terms & Conditions are default shown while creating the contract . These are placing from Contract Settings.

Contract Actions:

Here the number of actions can perform for respective contract to make changes/view in perspective manner.

More: Proposal Tasks, Reminders, Notes about the respective proposal to follow them until the payment has done from Customer.