Delete Quote

For Delete the Quote, Click on Delete button, then deleted items will be moved to Trash.

In order to get back the deleted quotes, click on the Restore button in the Trash page and they will be restored to Quote list.

The Quotes can also be deleted permanently, by clicking on Delete Permanently button.

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Quote Actions

Convert to Invoice: This feature enables Customers to convert Quotation into Invoice to make a payment.

Remaining features are similar for both Invoices and Quotations. So please go through the Invoice view page for common features of Quotes.

Once the Quote is converted into Invoice, the quotes present in Quotes page are displayed with a tag as Invoiced.

Even the view page for Quote is entitled with the sentence “Quote is converted with Invoice Number xxxx”.

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View Quote

In the quotes list page, the following tabular data with the below-listed columns is displayed:

Quote #: The number of the quote is generated from Quote Settings automatically.

Client/Customer Name: The name of the client is reflected from Contact Management.

Amount: The total amount of the quote.

Quote Status: The current status of the Quote (Delivered, Accepted, Rejected, On-hold, Lost, Dead)

Title: The name of the Quote.

Quote Publish Status: Quote status field allows the admin whether to Published/Draft the Quote to the customer. If the Quote status is published then it will be displayed in Customer’s panel and if the status is Draft it won’t be visible in the customer’s panel..

Quote date: Date of the Quote created.

Due Date: The date when the Quote expires and becomes overdue.

Quote View:

Quote, number is automatically generated by default and can be assigned manually as follows :

Global Settings–>Master Settings–>Quote Settings.

The Quote Number, Quote status, Customer address, Quote details and Authorised signature can be viewed in this page

The Client and Admin Notes, Terms & Conditions are displayed by default while creating the Invoice which are reflected from Quote Settings.

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Quotes Summary

In the Quotes page, we can find the Quotes Filter and Summary for to know the complete details of all the existing Quotes.

The dashboard provides the information below:

Total Quotes: Total number of Quotes.

Accepted: Number of Quotes Accepted.

Delivered: Number of Quotes Delivered.

Rejected: Number of Quotes Rejected.

By clicking on Accepted Quotes, all the accepted quotes are filtered. Similarly Delivered, Rejected Quotes filters work respectively.

Both the Invoice and Quotes summaries have same features. For more information refer to the following link:

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