Purchase Orders

What is Purchase Order ?

The Purchase Order is the Invoice raised by the Supplier to the Customer on a particular product.


A Purchase Order  is a commercial document officially offered by a customer(admin in system) to a supplier indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products.

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Delete Purchase Order

To Delete a Purchase Order, Click on Delete button where deleted items will be moved to Trash.

In order to get back the deleted orders, click on the Restore button in the Trash page and they will be restored to Purchase Orders list.

The orders can also be Delete Permanently, by clicking on delete permanently button.

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Purchase Order Actions

These are actions that can be performed on the particular purchase order to make changes/view as per the requirements.

(i) Edit

(ii) Make Payment

(iii) Email

(iv) SMS

(v) Mark As

(vi) Preview

(vii) Clone

(viii) Upload

(ix) PDF

(x) Print

Edit button allows to edit the content of the Purchase Order.

Make Payment button allows to make the payment for the product.

Sending of EMAIL/SMS related to purchase order can be done by clicking on the Email/SMS buttons. Which sends the status of purchase order through Email/SMS.

Mark As button allows to change the payment status of the Purchase Order.

By clicking on Clone, we can create the duplicate of the Purchase Order.

By clicking on Uploads, we can add the attachments to it by uploading only required files. Otherwise, it won’t accept.

Through PDF/Print buttons, we can download  and Print the Purchase Order.

For more details refer this link

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View Purchase Order

After Creating the Purchase Order, Click on View that redirects to Purchase Order’s View page.

Purchase Order View:

The Purchase Order number is taken automatically/manually in such a way that, even though we edit manually the sequence of the purchase order number doesn’t change.It will be generated based on the setting from Master Settings–>Purchase Order Settings.

Reference Number: This number gives reference to the particular purchase order

Payment status:This status is of 3 types:

  • Paid: When the payment is fully paid.
  • Partially paid: When the payment is Partially paid.
  • Unpaid: When the payment is unsuccessful.

Receipient : It displays the details of the customer to track the purchases.This is also generated even if the payment is unsuccessful for the admin.

Related Transcations: All the transactions related to previous order are displayed in this tabular form.

Order History: This tabular form gives history of  all the actions on the particular purchase order. From this we can know the location(approximate) of particular action occured.

Here we can view the Purchase Order Number, Reference Number, Payment status, Recipient address, Purchase Order details, Payment method and Transactions ( Pending, Success, Cancelled ) in a single platform.

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