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What are the roles available in LaraOffice?

There are different roles available in LaraOffice They are:-

Administrator (can create other users)





Stock Manager

Project Manager

Sale Agent

Sales Manager

Business Manager



Can i create users directly?

No, you can’t create users directly, for that  first you should have to create contact for a particular person. From that contact list you can create users who has login access. You will see create user button on contacts list by clicking on that button the particular contact will be converted into user who has login access. You can see the converted contact person in users list which is in user management.

Is admin can change the other users themes and sidebar colors etc?

Yes, LaraOffice provides this feature, admin can  change users site colors and themes also by go to Users management -> Users ->edit  or  contact management -> contacts -> create user (or) edit.

Is there any option of tracking the user actions in LaraOffice?

Yes, Admin can keep track of each and every user actions performed  on the accounts by simply registering into the site. And can directly check the user actions performed on the site.


How can I set permission to some contacts to see only their modules or some part of information?

Yes, Laraoffice provides such a wonderful option called permissions. If admin wants to give some permissions to some users not for all at that time this permissions feature is very useful he can easily restrict anything at the users area. This permissions feature you can find in  users management ->permissions.