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Is it possible to add the products while creating the purchase orders?

LaraOffice prodives a feature of adding the products even while creating the purchase orders , there is a tooltip with plus symbol where we can add the new products.

And there is even an add row button where we can add multiple products at a time .

Is there any option where we can hide the products without updating to the stock items?

Yes, Lara Office provides a feature where we can hide the product in the purchase order without updating it to the stock , there is custom field called Update Stock, If the value is set to Yes then the stock quantity gets updated to the products list , if the value is set to No, then the stock quantity does not gets updated to the products list.

How can we change the purchase order prefix?

By default We can generate the purchase order prefix by  going to Global settings -> master settings -> Purchase order settings ->settings. 

Is it possible change purchase order start number ?

Yes, there is an option in laraoffice where we can change the purchase order start number from Global settings -> Master settings -> Purchase order settings ->Settings ->PO start field. By replacing the number PO start  field you change the  purchase order start number.