Is it possible to transfer the products from one warehouse to other warehouse?

There is products transfer feature in LaraOffice where we can transfer the products from one particular warehouse to the other warehouse ,

So , that if the stock is not available in a particular warehouse we can transfer it from the other warehouses

Is it possible to create the products without adding any price to the products ?
  •  In LaraOffice its not possible to store only the products without adding any price to the products.
  • And there is a condition where the actual price should be always more than the sale price.
  • Also there is fill prices button where the other currencies values/prices gets filled automatically.

Is is possible to set the stock quantity and the alert quantity?

Yes, LaraOffice provides a feature where we can set the stock quantity for a particular product and at the same time we can also even set the alert quantity also for that particular product.

So , that based on the alert quantity we can again add a new stock we required.

Once the stock is in alert quantity it displays in the red color.


Is its possible to create the products without brands and warehouses ?

  Yes , Lara Office can create products  without brands and warehouses ,But we can create the products without warehouses only when the warehouse plugin is inactive the module management

we can set the warehouse plugin to inactive by  going to  Plugins->product warehouse->inactive.

Can we create an invoice, quotes, proposals without products ?

    Yes,LaraOffice can create  invoices , quotes and proposals without products by simply giving an amount when the products plugin is inactive. In other case if products plugin is in active mode simply you can find the products list in invoices, quotes,proposals.

we can set the products plugin inactive by going to Plugins->Products->inactive.